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Coral France finalises purchase of 50% of Dustolex

23 Maggio 2023

Dustolex Ltd. is a British company that has been designing dust and fume extraction and filtration equipment since 1971. Based in Littleborough Rochdale, just a stone's throw from Manchester, the company houses a well-structured engineering team capable of developing extraction systems of all sizes, suitable for both large and small companies, while also taking care of the associated maintenance and modification, if necessary, to best suit customer requirements.
After years of purely commercial relations with the various companies of the Coral Group for the supply of a selection of products used by the English company in the creation of filtration systems, an agreement was reached in recent days for the acquisition of 50% of Dustolex by the French subsidiary Coral Sas, directed by David Teruzzi, who, in agreement with the owners, personally led and finalised the negotiations.
The aim is greater market penetration by the Coral Group in the UK, where Dustolex plays a leading role.
Current CEO Stuart Shepherd will be joined by Martin Leroux, a French manager from the Paris office, who has more than 15 years' experience in selling centralised industrial filtration systems within our Group.
The five-year industrial development plan includes investments in personnel, marketing and 3D design tools, an excellent start for a young and professional team.