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Coral Group offers filtration systems to help industries reduce their environmental impact.


A large group to provide diversified and sustainable solutions in every industrial sector, covering all phases of the production cycle.

Coral Group’s portfolio is characterized by a wide variety of products and services: from the design of single components to the development of complex systems, designed to make every industrial application more sustainable. All Coral Group automation offers customers a double benefit: they increase the sustainability of processes and help reduce the impact of their production on the environment. This means: reducing the pollutants released into nature, rationalizing energy consumption, maximizing the performance of the machinery, decreasing maintenance costs and improving the productivity level, while ensuring greater operational continuity and a high return on investment.


A new approach to production and work.

The ability to innovate and the pursuit of excellence allow Coral Group to consistently design new systems with a high technological content, for a market oriented towards ecological transition. A working method demonstrated by over 30 patents presented all over the world from the 70s to today and which, over time, has contributed to consolidating its position on the market, making the group synonymous with reliability and high production quality. To achieve this goal, all Coral Group production starts from the use of the most modern technologies: work centers for fiber optic laser cutting, automatic bending lines, robotic welding cells, automatic presses for sheet metal stamping, automatic lines sandblasting and powder coating, laser welding lines, automatic warehouses, robots for logistics handling.

Sectors and Clients

The experience to solve water and air filtration and purification problems in every industrial sector.

Coral Group technologies are present in all sectors where it is necessary to integrate an air or water filtration and purification system: chemical-pharmaceutical, aeronautical, agriculture, automotive, railway, metalworking industries, but also in production of electronics, rubber and plastics, carpentry, packaging, painting, recycling and waste disposal, in the textile and paper industry. The solid technical skills and the long experience in the design and production fields have allowed Coral Group to collaborate with small, medium and large companies, active in the most varied industrial sectors.