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Coral Group is made up of 31 companies which over the years have become part of its production and distribution network.

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The ambition and strength of those who know how to combine their skills for a common goal: to reduce the harmful effects of pollutants produced by industries.

In order to offer the best solutions to the market, the strategic plan relies on the acquisition or participation in existing companies that respect the group’s objectives and the foundation of new companies with particular skills, when it is necessary to develop further business units. At a strategic level, this allows Coral Group to internalize the production of products and components to operate completely independent of suppliers. By expanding its commercial presence in new geographical areas through an increasingly complete and heterogeneous offer, the group responds to the specific needs of the various industrial sectors.


Founded in 1958, it specializes in the design, construction and supply of innovative and advanced technologies for air extraction and filtration in industrial environments.

Claudio Coral
Ivano Coral
Chief Executive Officer
Emanuela Coral
Board Member - Logistics Manager
Alfredo Nicolazzo
Board Member & Plant Manager
David Teruzzi
Coral Sas - President
Pietro Leva
Coral Engineering – President
Gianfranco Foletti
Coral Engineering – Vice President & Chief Executive Officer
Marco Corni
Coral Engineering – Chief Executive Officer
Andrea Turati
Coral Engineering – Board Member – Sales Director

Company acquired by the group since 1990, founded in 1958. It designs, builds and installs complete industrial painting systems and lines. In 2014, the subsidiary Eurotherm France opened.

Paolo Ghiazza
Tama Aernova

Company leader in the industrial air filtration sector, born in 2016 from the merger of TAMA Spa (founded by the group in 1985) and Aernova Engineering Srl (founded in 1983). It designs and manufactures large tailor-made filter units, components and systems for air purification.

Giovanni Coletti
Gian Marco Grassi Odetti
Vice President
Michele Chini
Chief Executive Officer
Nicola Pezzini
Board Member & Chief Financial Officer
Ezio Cangelosi
Tama France - Chief Executive Officer
Cèline Donin
Tama France - Board Member
Francesco Inama
Tama Iberica - Chief Executive Officer
Davide Bonmassar
Tama Germany - Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Smalzi
Tama Brazil - Chief Executive Officer

Company founded by the group in 1991, thanks to which the group internally produces filter cartridges, filter sleeves and filter bags to contain dust from industrial processes.

Sergio Musciacchio

Founded by the group in 1989, is specialized in the production of technical furniture for the workshop and bodywork and systems for the extraction of exhaust gases and for the distribution of fluids.

Andrea Cangiano
Chief Executive Officer
Giuseppe Virga
Chief Technical Officer
Paolo Menozzi
Chief Financial Officer
Michel Tissot
Filcar France - Chief Executive Officer
Cédric Soffray
Filcar France - Board Member

Founded by the group in 2007. It stands out for its systems for the treatment of coolant liquids, conveyors for post-processing chips and filtering solutions for oil mists.

Alessandro Grigoletto

Company controlled by the group since 2011 and founded in 1972 for the production of industrial vacuum cleaners. It offers solutions for the treatment of polluting liquids and powders.

Marco Devincentis
Ecotech GTS

Founded in 2019, it specializes in the design and development of integrated digital systems for companies operating in the field of industrial filtration.

Alessandro Corazzolla
Chief Executive Officer

Created by the group in 1976, it designs and manufactures regenerative technical combustors and industrial plants for water purification, with certified and innovative technologies, for various sectors.

Gianpaolo Bertoldo
Mauro Cornaglia
Chief Executive Officer

Founded in 1997 and controlled by the group since March 2023, Gartec is specialized in the management and disposal systems of fluids and waste oils in mechanical workshops and industrial plants.

Pierluigi Daverio
Board Member - Chief Technical Officer
Stefano Palo
Board Member - Sales Director