The group



Reputation and reliability are the result of our principles of ethics and business conduct.


Respect, safety, excellence.

Coral Group is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment based on mutual respect, the well-being and safety of personnel. In a global context, where environmental sustainability and the objectives of the European Green Deal are priorities, Coral Group carries on its productive business without ever forgetting to protect the planet, committing to constantly improve its processes and always ensuring the lowest environmental impact.

On board

A strong and cohesive management team.

Strong corporate governance, starting with the board of directors and the executive team, is essential to effectively serve all Coral Group stakeholders. The constituent members boast a long experience in the sector, which they have consolidated over time by collaborating with entrepreneurial realities of excellence, in national and international industrial contexts.

Claudio Coral
President of Coral Group
MSc Business Administration
Ivano Coral
MSc Industrial Engineering
Emanuela Coral
Logistic officer