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Coral Group 2022 financial statement

14 September 2023

Dear shareholders of Coral Finservice Spa,

the 2022 consolidated financial statements outline a Coral Group that collects a further year of growth both in terms of turnover and economic result.

The value of production in 2022 reached € 136,120k (€ 116,219k in 2021), an increase of 17 %.

The increasing costs of the purchase materials have been neutralized, maintaining the percentage of the incidence of the consumption of the materials in relation to the production value.

The group’s investments have seen an increase in amortization and depreciation rates of 3,16%, contributing positively to the creation of cash flow.

Operating income before financials shows an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

Consolidated profit for the year increased by 2,44 % compared to 2021, thus confirming the company’s ability to create value for shareholders.

The important portfolio of customer orders already acquired, in conjunction with the economic momentum still positive, allows us to have a vision of further growth for the year 2023.

The Chairman of the Board

Claudio Coral